Open to the Public*

Monday-Friday from 6AM to 9AM
and 6PM to 10PM on regular school days;

and from  6AM to 10PM
on non-school days (holidays and weekends) 

Open to Students*Students must make arrangements
to be supervised by a faculty member.

*You must obtain a key fob.  Fitness room users must complete a waiver and assurance form stating all instructions for each machine will be strictly adhered to.  One key fob will be issued per household.  No one under the age of 18 is permitted in the fitness room unless a teacher or coach is present.  There is a $6 deposit on the fob.  Lost or stolen fobs must be reported immediately to Mrs. Simpson or Mr. Redmond.

Please stop in to the main office (Mrs. Simpson) to complete forms, pay deposit and receive your fob.  It is that easy! Stop in today.