Friday, May 29, 2015


SECTION TEN CHAMPIONS-starting with 2004 these are also named  "REIL TEAM" Champions in memory of Coach Ken Reil


1969Ed Duchano123
1973Tim LaBounty126
1975Kevin Jefferies167
1983Willie Paro112
1984Willie Paro126
1984Kevin Rice155
1985Willie Paro132
1985Fred Spicer91
1986Fred Spicer91
1988Fred Spicer126
1988Mike Eddy167
1988Don Snider177
1990TJ Sellers126
1991TJ Sellers126
1992Darrin Goodrow145
1993Kelly SmithSH
1993Brad Finley119
1994Brad Finley126
1996Brad Finley145
2000Brian Pelo189
2004Andreu Kelley96
2004Matt Lathwood160
2004Joe Lathwood189
2005Andreu Kelley103
2005John Eibert140
2005Cory Daniels160
2006Andreu Kelley119
2006Cory Daniels160
2007Ryan Leroux96
2007Evan Popham103
2007Devin Moore130
2007Andreu Kelley135
2007Cory Daniels171
2007John Eibert189
2008Ryan Leroux103
2008Jacob Demmon112
2008John Eibert171
2009Jacob Demmon119
2009Justin Jones171
2009John Eibert189
2010Evan Popham130
2010Jacob Demmon135
2010John Eibert189
2010Cole Tristram285